woensdag 30 mei 2007

first one done


Fun with blogger

I was so happy to see that I got comments on my new blog right away! In Dutch nonetheless. (Odette, de gordelroos is bijna over en viel uiteindelijk wel mee. De medicijnen hebben goed geholpen!) Makes me wonder if I should make this blog bilingual. Let me know, would you like it if I'd post in Dutch as well?

Now it's time for some pictures. This blog looks way too new and crisp. We need some knitting to show off.

sophie's toe

I'm going to be very proud of these socks. I'm using very pretty and soft yarn by Sophie's Toes (etsy) and a pattern from More sensational knitted socks called travelling vine. I've got to decide now what kind of toe I'm going to put on this sock. The example in the book shows a round toe which is rather pretty.

rozes are redveggies

The garden's doing great! All but one of the plants I've put in it so far have chosen to grow and consider my garden a good fertile home. I hope this little rose will continue to show off her pretty flowers for a long time. I've got some lettuce from my father-in-law spread thoughout the garden.

sexy dragon
She sleeps under the covers.

maandag 28 mei 2007

So I was fed up with My Space...

So I was fed up with My Space. People can't comment there without a myspace account and that's just irritating, let alone not much fun for me. So here I am figuring out how this whole blogger thing works. I sure think I'm going to like it since there are so many features you can use on blogger but not on MySpace!