vrijdag 26 december 2008

The Plan

You know the feeling of having January around the corner and feeling that changes should be made and will be eventually. I'm going through the stash and I find lots of treasures there. Yarns that yearn to be put into something nice. Projects that have been in hibernation since... I don't know when. Old stash. New stash. I have enough lying around to keep me busy and to keep the house and my family warm until Christmas 2098.

I present to you: The basket for 2009


In order of appearance (upper left to bottom right);

Phildar Hobby, Meilenweit Mega Boot Stretch, Fortissima Socka, Trekking, Noro, Lang Jawoll, Fleece Artist, Dream in Color Smooshy, Aracunaio (?), Tiny Toes, All things Heather and Sunshine Yarns

These skeins WILL be turned into socks by the end of 2009 (or else!).

Thereby, there are 6 pairs of socks in my WIP/hybernation pile and they need to go. Not sure if I'll frog one or more - fast sollution - or finish them, but I want to end 2009 with no more than two socks in progress - maybe three :)These projects have been in progress for a bit too long:


Check out my ravelry page for more info, but I'm sure you'll hear more about these socks.

zondag 21 december 2008


The nights have grown to their longest time, the days can not get shorter... The perfect time for dark thoughts... the worst time to break up. Yet I did. Right before Christmas my mind decided it was made up and needed to spill some guts on my relationship with hubby. We broke up.

kerstboom (a litte piece of Christmas spirit to distract feeling sorry for me. I made a mess and I will fix it)

Since there hasn't been a real fight or anything, we're still living together in our house till I've found a way to be able to pay for it myself. Fortunately, my parents will do their best to help me and I might just be able to afford it all.

Meanwhile, knitting to keep me sane:


Socks for my dad. Trekking XXL in a mossy shade from my stash pile. 2.25mm needles, my favourite size it seems and I've been knitting with a lot of tension lately. 68stitches. One is finished and fits like a glove. The other one will follow soon.

woensdag 19 november 2008

So many projects, so little time...

Yes, I still knit socks. Lately it seems I've been taken by the 'hat-and-scarf' virus, but there are still a couple of socks on the needles. This one left my Addi 2.25mm needles lately:


Yarn: Opal Rodeo
Pattern: Plain, simple, 72stitches for a reasonable man's foot.

These socks are for the man that revised a 'new' engine for my 1953 Morris Minor - the new engine is origionally from a 1956 Austin A35.

zondag 16 november 2008

DSCN7198DSCN7179DSCN7216nooi's muts2

Love this hat. I made it for one of my dear friends who asked for a hat for his birthday. Casted on during a show by Slayer, it was a fast and easy knit. Used just a little over one skein so I might make another hat for me with the yarn left.

Noro Silk Garden 270; 4,5 mm needles; this pattern

dinsdag 28 oktober 2008

dinsdag 7 oktober 2008

Berlin and sleep well, Kiri!

It's been a while - haven't had any time to blog at all - but about the holidya... Berlin Berlin.. The verdict is out. Loved the (yarn)stores there, but the city was just not my cup of tea. I missed a warm heard. I missed the cozyness ('gezelligheid') of cities like Amsterdam and London. I even had a hard time finding nice places to eat or sit and have coffee. Anyway, I did have a really nice time knitting in the car on the way to and from Berlin (7 hours) and allmost finished two shawls. Just needed to cast them off... And between now and then, I did. Kiri is, unphotographed still, done and worn on several occasions - including a wedding. I've received lots of compliments and well, I'm quite proud of my little Kiri.

Now, about the Berlin Yarn...

The first store I went to was La Laine, located near the K├╝rfurstendam.


Here I got these two skeins of silk garden. Think I'll make a hat out of them.

I also found some nice sockyarn:

Then I went to Handmade Berlin. A shop that had just openend and carried a really nice variety of yarns. Go visit them, they have great stuff! Very expensive cashmere, Fleece artist, Debby Bliss .... I had to restrain and 'only' got these beauties:

Fleur de Lis GreenFleur de Lis blueSoleLatteBlueSkyAlpaca

Two skeins of each of the "fleur de lis" colors. I've never heard about the brand before and the label is not quite specefic. No yardage, just that it's a nylon-mohair blend. Really nice blue and green, though. Then some milk-based yarn. Feels like cotton, but made out of milk fiber. And, last but not least... Two skeins of Blue Skye Alpaca silk.... The best stuff I've ever felt.

Well, I have tons more to tell, but no more time so I'm wrapping it up for now :)

zondag 28 september 2008

going on holiday

Tomorrow I get in the car and move to Berlin for a couple of days. Just chilling in the city, maybe finding a yarnstore, knitting a little in the car (it's 700 km, so I'll have some time to knit!)

The question arising every journey, long or short, is what shall I take with me to knit? I 'm not going for a trip around the world so one project should suffice... however...

I want/need to knit on Kiri. I have just finished ball nr. two. I've decided to just knit one more repeat of the pattern before starting on the border. It needs to be finished and blocked by October 10th...That's soon. But, it's not the kind of project to take with me and knit just everywhere. Especially when I'll start on the border and not have the pattern memorized any more. I need to focus on this project and I won't have that focus all the time. I'm taking Kiri with me and knit on it whenever I can.

Then I'll take H's shawl with me. It also needs to be finished before October 10th, but is very easy and I can knit on it everywhere.

maandag 22 september 2008


Knitting on this project seems to go slower and slower.


Rows are getting longer and longer... And I still have onewhole ball of yarn whilst the shawl allready looks so big. I must not let myself stop this one early. I must persist.


Nebbus appears to be getting bored with the project (too), but really, he's just tired after playing with it. I can't leave mohair on the couch unattended.

vrijdag 19 september 2008

Hello again

Oh dear, it's been way too long since my last post here. Shame on me. I've been a busy girl, as usual, but I was also struck by a sudden lack of inspiration to write. Did have enough inspiration to knit, though. Let's see what I've been upto in the last month...

I finished the first 'wedding shawl'
Used Zitron's fabulous yarn Gobi (5 skeins), 4,5 mm needles (knitpicks interchangeables... Ssssmoooth), and a nice simple pattern (Campus scarf scarf style. It was a fabulous simple knit, great for evenings with a glass of wine in front of the tv. The yarn, though, might be a little itchy. We'll see what the groom thinks of it.

Well, after finishing the first wedding shawl, I had to start number two instantly. After carefull deliberations I chose Lisa Souza's Sock! yarn, colorway Pacific and a pattern and started knitting... Pattern didn't feel right. Different pattern. No. Other kind of yarn... No. Ended up with the Lisa Souza yarn and the falling water lace pattern. Think I'm happy with it so far:
falling leaves

Then: a pair of Regia socks
Ton's sokken
Just quick and simple stockinette for a friend.

After these relatively routine jobs, I thought about starting a lace project. But then I remembered a scarf I started a while ago:
project kiri
and thought that this would be lovely to wear to a wedding... So I'm doing a couple of rows a day of this lovely pattern. The rows are getting bigger and bigger though. Don't seem to be making a lot of progress, but the skein of yarn tells me otherwise. I'm past halfway now. Not sure if I'm getting it done before the wedding, but still a nice project to work on and good to have it out of the UFO pile.

So, that's what I've been upto. Hope I'll get into the writing spirit again soon and will frequent this part of the blog rather sooner than later.

dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

An ode to handknit socks (and armwarmers)

So I was at the Lowlands festival this weekend. A weekend of great bands, lots of fun, booze and walking. Usually my feet, legs and back are killing me by Saturday and are only performing out of habit on Sunday. This year, for the first time, I only brought handknit socks to the festival and I am thrilled to say that I'm very happy I did. My feet were a bit warm in the daytime - but would have been so with regular socks as well - but they stayed warm overnight when the cold would set in. My feet were not tired, no blisters, no fungus (ugh). Perfect.

Another ode to knitting: the armwarmers I made last month were also very succesfull at the festival. It was quite chilly at night and they kept me nice and warm.

In other words: I was very happy with my knitting this Lowlands. Now, for some eyecandy, check out this pattern: Wisteria

zondag 10 augustus 2008



Working on these seemingly for-e-ver... but finished at last!
These socks started out as regular straight socks, but turned out too big. So I decided not frog, but to make kneehighs out of them.

Pattern: improvised (64 stitches - 60 stitches)
Yarn: Trekking XXL Fruit & Trekking XXL ProNatura grey leftovers
Needles: 2,5 mm (or was it 2,25?)
They feel great!

dinsdag 5 augustus 2008

a hat!

So I love to give away knitted stuff. I don't make a lot of stuff for myself and if I do, I usually end up giving it away anyway. So when I went to Den Haag to meet up with a knitting friend I did not expect a gift for my birthday (2 months ago) let alone a handknit gift! I just love this hat! It's got cables, it's green and it's soft and cozy! Thank you Karin!

zondag 27 juli 2008

Getting through July

I'm allmost done with the socks for my friend. Just a couple of more repeats of the pattern and the toe. Piece of cake to get them done before Friday. It might sound funny, but I've knitted a strand of my hair in each sock to really give him a part of me and added some good feelings to the stitches. You know, I know he loves me and I love him. We're siblings with different parents. He's on vacation now and I really miss the conversations we have and the common feeling we have for scouting. Actually, I think I miss scouting in general now. July is a slow month. No meetings. I miss my friends. The socks I'm knitting, I'm knitting them with string and the love I feel for my scouting family. I'm so lucky to have such good friends. Now, I'm off to go knit some more on these socks so I can finish them soon.

zaterdag 19 juli 2008

sunday afternoon


I've been a busy girl again. Love my life right now, eventhough it's way to intensive to hold on to for a long time. I'll just have to wait and see where I'll end up. Anyway, had my scouting camp last week - allmost drowned because it rained ALL THE TIME. And now I a couple of low weeks so I can concentrate on work and my home again.

Have I been knitting? Not so much. Did finish a pair of socks for a friend (but forgot to take a picture) and finished the arm/legwarmers you can see in the picture above. Love this really electric green and I'm sure I'll enjoy wearing them.

Now, the new project. I'm making some socks for a special friend of mine. I've grown to appreciate him a lot in the last couple of months. He's proven to be a good friend and companion. And he has his birthday next week, but since he's on vacation till august, I have some time to compleet this pair.

Trekking XXL Pro Natura Spar (1542)
2.25 mm knitpicks metal needles (totally love them!)
Pattern: Yarn Harlot's Earl Grey socks

zaterdag 28 juni 2008

minor problems

Guess what, I bought a car :) It's a 1953 Morris Minor and I can pick it up this week. So exciting! My first car!

zondag 1 juni 2008

It's my birthday....

And I'm giving some yarn away!

natural dye studio
It's 100grams of 50/50 alpaca/merino dyed by "The natural dye studio". I believe about 350 yards, enough for a regular pair of socks on 2.75 mm needles, or a nice lacy scarf maybe. It's a red/purplish colorway, a bit softer that the picture shows (the sun was overtly present today).

So, just leave me a comment before... June 15th and maybe you'll be the lucky one.

maandag 19 mei 2008

Scouts have more fun

You know, I have just the greatest life ever. I have so much great things to do, I'm part of a fabulous scouting community, have a great home, a nice joy, great co-workers and fabulous yarn around me. I'm just a little bit way too busy from time to time. I hardly get any knitting done. I do have some things to show, though.


The rowcounter was given to me by Darcy as a thank you for some sock yarn I had send her. She needed just a couple of yards to finish a pair and I had some lying around. Isn't that the nicest thing?

The yarn was purchased at Storm op Zolder. It's BFL laceweight. I dyed it myself. Don't know what I'll make with it. Maybe a nice pattern from Victorian Lace today?

I also started a little project for myself. Legwarmers.

The was purchased on Etsy about a year ago. I think the dyer was named VieuxRouet. It's 100% merino, so it's not really washable. Didn't think it would be good for socks but legwarmers don't need to be washed very often (not as much as socks). The first one's allmost done! I did get a lot done last weekend when my S'nB had a day out. We had a nice High Tea on a little 'poldereiland' and knitted and knitted and knitted.

Gotta go again. Hope to be back soon or sooner at least

zaterdag 3 mei 2008

April's end

I must have had a finishing mood last week.


Started these months ago. They got delayed because they were and are destined to be put on my own two feet. Done at last on 2,25 mm needles, 60sts, a beautifull fit.

and then:


I found this pattern in a book I got at the supermarket 'Knuffels om the haken en te breien' and it really called to me. Simple and lovely. It actually ended up quite good. The seems are a bit sloppy, maybe, but who cares? I like it when people can see that I made something and perfect things can be bought in stores.

I also finished my grandmother's socks but didn't make a picture of them (yet). The colorway is really not my thing but hey, as long as my grandma likes it it's okay. See you soon. Internet is back on track again. New modem, new chances.

zondag 27 april 2008

Austin A35

austin A35

I'm one lucky girl. My brother's gone for a month and I have the keys to this cute little vehicle. It's an Austin A35, build in 1958. The driving is't very hard, just have to get used to some of the features. Like the turning light (a switch on the dashboard), the fact that you can close the door on the left (driver) side from the inside so you have to switch seats when you want to close the car, the noise it makes when you drive over 40 km/h. It's just such a cool car to drive in.

dinsdag 22 april 2008

zondag 20 april 2008

Just some projects

No I haven't fallen off the earth (yet). I haven't stopped knitting either. In the last couple of weeks I've just been extremely busy with work and privat stuff Scouting is very busy as well and my internet provider is giving me the hives. I need to reset my modem every 5 minutes because the internet connection has disappeared again. Ugh. Anyway, what have I been up to the last couple of weeks...

I've been working on a toy for the newborn girl in our scouting family. I found a book on knitted and crocheted stuffed toys in the supermarket and the first toy really appealed to me. I'll get some pictures when it's finished.

Then, I've been working on some socks for my grandma in Lorna's Laces Watercolours. My grandma has very wide feet and would love some socks that actually fit her. I'm not really fond of the colors, though, but I guess my grandma will like them anyway. I've got one finished so far.

Well, that's it for now.

maandag 31 maart 2008

A hat, a hat, my kingdom for a hat

Martin's muts

This was a nice knit. The yarn was just fabulous to knit with, both kinds. I first started with Rowan's Cashsoft Aran in a colorway that's called Thunder. A lovely light dark grey that would be perfect for a nice light but warm men's sweater. Terribly expensive though. The other yarn I grabbed for this project is Artyarns Supermerino in a beautifull purple-black colorway. Way too busy to use for an entire men's hat, but in co-ordination with the gentle cashsoft aran just perfect.

This hat is so soft and pretty... The recepient will be very happy, I'm sure.

vrijdag 28 maart 2008

just a quick update

I finished two socks recently. Both are for a friend who has her birthday this weekend. This one is for her:

A basic stockinette sock with Regia's Kaffe Fasset line of yarn. Very nice to knit.

And this one is for her little girl:

A basic child's sock size EU 22. I used the last 30 grams of Opal petticoat I had left from my very first pair of socks ever - when was that? Like 1,5 years ago!

These two pairs are the last pairs I'll knit for the 52pair plunge. They are nr. 33 and 34, so I won't make it to 52 before april 1st. Oh well, there are more important things in life, I guess, and I'm knitting some awsome socks for another friend. But more about them soon :)

vrijdag 21 maart 2008


Thank heavens my mom got a call today that the CT-scan showed that the mass on the x-ray was infact a bloodvessel! No cancer! I feel relieved and happy again as you can imagine.

Thanks for your support. Things could have been so different.

woensdag 19 maart 2008

scared and confused

Got some very scary news today. My mom might have cancer. She has an pneumonia that doesn't go away and had x-rays taken... there was a spot on the picture that allarmed the radiologist. There will be tests this week, Wednesday she'll have results. I'm very scared and I'm not sure I can handle this. Am I in some kind of movie? I feel so unreal.

dinsdag 18 maart 2008

You blink once...

Let's just say that life get's in the way of my bloglife on a regular basis. I still knit a lot, well, try to knit a lot. Time is precious and I try to enjoy every moment of it. Here's my last finished pair of socks, though the picture shows them in an unfinished state:) I made them for my dear BF, but finished them two days after his birthday.

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill supersock merino, colorway Java
Pattern: My own 64st, toe up design
Needles: 2.5 mm Addi Turbo's circs
Gauge: 8spi

They fit him wonderfully. They are soft, warm and comfortable and were a pleasure to knit. Cherry tree hill rocks.

maandag 25 februari 2008

The stockinettes, part 1

I didn't quite make it on wednesday, but I got them done on thursday though:


Trekking XXL yarn, 2.25 mm needles and a standard 64 stitches sock.

I've allready casted on another pair of stockinettes with Regia Kaffe Fasset yarn and another pair with Cherry Tree Hill for BF. I just keep knitting and knitting and knitting :)

maandag 18 februari 2008

Dude, where did the weekend go?

Working full time has serious consequences for your e-life. I was meaning to post a little something this weekend, like a picture of the sock I completed in the awsome sunny sunday. Or, maybe show the two grungy skeins I dyed. You blink once and sunday eve has come and gone. You blink twice and it's monday evening, time to go to bed. A couple of minutes for the blog won't hurt me.


Stockinette sock 1 for my mom's best friend. This one flyes off the needles. I've allready passed heel turn two; just 20 cm's of stockinette to go. Piece of cake, I'll have them finished on Wednesday. And then I can proceed on BF's socks...

dinsdag 12 februari 2008



Not the most blue socks I've ever made :)

Tofutsies ankle socks, figured the 'pattern' out myself. I used knitting-in elastic in the cuff and seriously disliked working with it. But I think it will prove worth the trouble as it will keep the cuffs where they are supposed to.

Selma, they'll be yours soon!

donderdag 7 februari 2008

Rock their socks off

Imagine two people who are not really crazy in love, but are just happy together. Two people who are fed up with being alone and need eachother's warmth. Two people who want to spend their last years together.

I have a new aunt-in-law. BF's uncle (68) got married wednesday to his beautifull bride (74). They are a lovely couple and it was such a special occasion. I don't know how they feel about their socks yet, but I'm sure they'll love them. I don't have a better picture, unfortunately, but it's a simple pattern. Google it and you'll find nice examples.

zondag 3 februari 2008

A jacobean weddinggift

Last week I finished this pair of socks. Well in time for the wedding Wednesday, I might say. I'm good with deadlines. It's pair nr. 29 of the 52-pair plunge.


Pattern: Jacobean by Julie Persinger
Yarn: Meilenweit Mega Boot Stretch softcolor
Needles: 2,5 mm Addi Turbo's

I'm fairly happy with these socks. The yarn is not how I like it. It's too loosely plied, very splitty and tangles a lot. It's not very stretchy, in my opinion, and just not that nice to work with. The color is great, though. Perfect for a bride.