dinsdag 28 oktober 2008

dinsdag 7 oktober 2008

Berlin and sleep well, Kiri!

It's been a while - haven't had any time to blog at all - but about the holidya... Berlin Berlin.. The verdict is out. Loved the (yarn)stores there, but the city was just not my cup of tea. I missed a warm heard. I missed the cozyness ('gezelligheid') of cities like Amsterdam and London. I even had a hard time finding nice places to eat or sit and have coffee. Anyway, I did have a really nice time knitting in the car on the way to and from Berlin (7 hours) and allmost finished two shawls. Just needed to cast them off... And between now and then, I did. Kiri is, unphotographed still, done and worn on several occasions - including a wedding. I've received lots of compliments and well, I'm quite proud of my little Kiri.

Now, about the Berlin Yarn...

The first store I went to was La Laine, located near the K├╝rfurstendam.


Here I got these two skeins of silk garden. Think I'll make a hat out of them.

I also found some nice sockyarn:

Then I went to Handmade Berlin. A shop that had just openend and carried a really nice variety of yarns. Go visit them, they have great stuff! Very expensive cashmere, Fleece artist, Debby Bliss .... I had to restrain and 'only' got these beauties:

Fleur de Lis GreenFleur de Lis blueSoleLatteBlueSkyAlpaca

Two skeins of each of the "fleur de lis" colors. I've never heard about the brand before and the label is not quite specefic. No yardage, just that it's a nylon-mohair blend. Really nice blue and green, though. Then some milk-based yarn. Feels like cotton, but made out of milk fiber. And, last but not least... Two skeins of Blue Skye Alpaca silk.... The best stuff I've ever felt.

Well, I have tons more to tell, but no more time so I'm wrapping it up for now :)