zondag 25 november 2007

the cutest little bag

purple bag

Isn't this the cutest little bag? My mom's friend makes fabulous felted jewelry and bags. I really like the shape and colors. Perfect for transporting projects.

zondag 18 november 2007


I slayed the dragon. Pair nr. 23 for the 52 pair plunge is done and drying in the bathroom.

BIL's socks

Trekking XXL ProNatura Jeans
Needles: 2.25mm Lantern Moon ebony
Sockwars Scar pattern (adapted for fingering weight)

What will I knit next? I still have SIL's socks to finish and another gift pair is in progress. It should be wise to proceed on one of those pairs... or should I just pick up one of these:

trekking frambooskaffe fasset

donderdag 15 november 2007

Still working on the Trekking socks, but I'm getting closer and closer every day. I would go faster if this little grey kitty beside me wouldn't be asking so much of my attention. He's a great kitty.

zondag 11 november 2007

Fall's entry

Fall's arrived here in Holland. The weather is changing. Rain is falling down like a cold shower. On and off. On and off. It's time for some cool socks and warm coco.

And I'm plowing through the Trekking XXL socks for my brother in law. I love the yarn. It is soft and stretchy like wool, but still light and strong like cotton. I just can't seem to make any good progress on the second sock. I'm allmost done with the leg. Allmost. If I don't sleep tonight I might get them done... next week.

donderdag 8 november 2007

villa longadsilke alpacaangoraalpaca

I know, it feels like ages ago... Last Saturday was the second Dutch national S'nB day and it was again so much fun! My mouth was moving from the minute I got there till the moment I got home. There was yarn everywhere and so many people to talk with! I felt like I was on a cloud, a yarny one. And I bought some lovely balls of Drops Alpaca (the dark green one), and I found some lovely Drops Silke Alpaca, and I found some awsome hand dyed angora, and I got some Estonian wool... the colors are just amazing! Sigh. I'm still tyred, and busy, and I love my new job, and I really need to sleep more. Thanks for the support.