zaterdag 30 mei 2009

We're having a baby!

Me and my appletree, that is :)


My dad got this tree from a befriended fruittree-cultivator (really don't know the right word for 'person who grows trees for a living', boomkweker). It's an offspring of Newton's gravity theory tree and this is it's first apple. A little miracle considering there isn't another fruittree in the area and bees are just not interested in this area considering the current trent in gardening.

Meanwhile, I've chosen to knit on the Spey Valley 'with a twist' socks. Getting closer to the toe of the second sock...

Martin's sok

woensdag 20 mei 2009

After finishing the last two pairs of socks I really felt divided between two urges. Casting on a new pair or go on and finish some other things lingering in the WIP-bin. In my 2009 stash basket there's a pair of Rivendell socks waiting to be cast on in Aracunia yarn. There's a pair of Cookie's Ornette socks in Lang Jawoll. Just needs to be knit. My fingers were itching, but...

No. I'm going to clean up the project in progress pile a little first.

There are four pairs of socks in my stash that need attention. First I grabbed the pair of flickering flames socks in Mystical creations yarn. Knit a row. Knit another row. No. I don't like it. Not even a bit. So I ripped it. I'll either give away the skein or try something not-sock with it. Maybe try to get the colors to pool on scarf? It's just not ment to be socks.

Then, I picked up Lorna's Laces in Flames. Yes, this is going to be just perfect for working fair isle with black yarn on the leg. (The Flame colorway on it's own is just not my thing) But where's that skein of black regia gone to? Ow.... that's right. I'm using this for the heels and toes on the Noro socks.

Wat is wijsheid? How to proceed now? Should I finish the Noro socks first (they are for a friend, thought he won't get them untill fall this year) or have a go at the fair isle socks first? Why did I stop knitting on these socks after casting them on, giving them my time for a while?

dinsdag 19 mei 2009

Men, and the socks we make them

After a long period of not finishing anything, I finally got around to finishing two projects I was working on. Both of them are presents for men that had their birthday weeks ago, but they will be well received anyway.
The socks on the left are for a dear friend who's been nagging about getting a pair of pink socks for his bigfoot feet for ages.
Yarn: Scheepjes Noorse sokkenwol and Bravo acryllic by ????
Needles: 4mm Size: EU46

Then, the next finished pair of socks is a really simple pair of stockinettes for a smaller footed boyfriend of a best friend. A simple knit, but so satisfying. I did break 4 bamboo needles on these, though. I sat on the project once (and broke 2 needles) and two snapped in my hands.
Trekking Ombre in a Dark Blue colorway. 72 stitches on 2mm needles (I actually thought I was doing them on 2.25mm needles until the first two snapped :).
What to do next? I still have 4 pairs of socks on the needles, a pair of fingerless gloves and two sweaters. Hmm. Maybe cast-on a new pair of socks?

donderdag 7 mei 2009

Indulge, a little

Knitting as fast as I can, but really, making no progress at all, it seems.

Trekking XXL Ombre, 2mm, size EU43

Second sock is 35% done. Love knitting with this yarn and this colorway (discontinued, unfortunately) is just perfect for men.

I'm also working on another pair of men socks EU46. Huge, but on big needles. Allmost done. In the end things do get done:)

Some of the seeming non-progress has something to do with me going to Amsterdam to visit The Afstap for the new book of Kim Hardgreaves. I saw it visiting a friend and just had to get it. Breeze Or check out ravelry.

I also went to Eggmercantile, the cutest little store in Amsterdam. They have all kinds of really nice, funny and beautifull stuff and... Manos del Uruguay.

I got the silk blend (left) in Winterberry. Really expensive, but mine. All mine!

And I got a skein of regular Manos in a beautifull dark brown and black blend. One skein is enough for a hat. This skein will make a really nice gift one day.

vrijdag 1 mei 2009

I've had some busy days, eventhough I had a week off from work. I finished the applegreen stairs (though I still need to do the white sideboards. Ugh. Not yet. Please) Then I packed my bags and went off for a lovely week in Enschede, the city where my brother lives. I had a great time, knit a little, fell from a bycicle, hurt my wrist, but I'm okay now.

I knit some, frog some and cast some on. Clearly I had a case of startitis again - or I could just be not-finishing things. Last week I casted on two pairs of socks (both gifts form men), but finished nothing. So I have six pairs of socks on the needles, two sweaters (or UFO's) for me and one pair of fingerless gloves.

I really should finish like 3 pairs of socks and a sweater before I should even begin to dream my next project. But alas, too late, I've allready started thinking about..... (Ravelry links) Autumn rose pullover and Inishmore.