zondag 27 april 2008

Austin A35

austin A35

I'm one lucky girl. My brother's gone for a month and I have the keys to this cute little vehicle. It's an Austin A35, build in 1958. The driving is't very hard, just have to get used to some of the features. Like the turning light (a switch on the dashboard), the fact that you can close the door on the left (driver) side from the inside so you have to switch seats when you want to close the car, the noise it makes when you drive over 40 km/h. It's just such a cool car to drive in.

dinsdag 22 april 2008

zondag 20 april 2008

Just some projects

No I haven't fallen off the earth (yet). I haven't stopped knitting either. In the last couple of weeks I've just been extremely busy with work and privat stuff Scouting is very busy as well and my internet provider is giving me the hives. I need to reset my modem every 5 minutes because the internet connection has disappeared again. Ugh. Anyway, what have I been up to the last couple of weeks...

I've been working on a toy for the newborn girl in our scouting family. I found a book on knitted and crocheted stuffed toys in the supermarket and the first toy really appealed to me. I'll get some pictures when it's finished.

Then, I've been working on some socks for my grandma in Lorna's Laces Watercolours. My grandma has very wide feet and would love some socks that actually fit her. I'm not really fond of the colors, though, but I guess my grandma will like them anyway. I've got one finished so far.

Well, that's it for now.