donderdag 30 augustus 2007

jitterbug florentinetrekking tod

Two projects I've been working on. Todler socks for my five year old nephew in some blue trekking. They look fancy and they are so fast to knit. I decided I love knitting todler socks. And there's the Jitterbug Florentine socks. How I love knitting those socks. I only really knit on them during my lunch break, but since the yarn is thicker than fingering they knit up pretty fast. I made the first sock at summercamp in Sweden.

Two pairs allmost done. Great feeling.

dinsdag 28 augustus 2007

go vote!

I'm in the summer of socks contest! Go vote for nr. 21:

(if you like the picture, offcourse)

zaterdag 25 augustus 2007

got my camera again!

You know how some weeks can just pass without really know it? This week was one of them. But I got my camera back and that makes me very happy.

Got my camera back from the shop and have some stuff to show you! First of all my sockapalooza socks. Aren't they beautiful? The color is so rich and the pattern is lovely. Thanks again, Sockapalooza pal!

I also have another exchange pair to show. This pair was knitted by the infamous sockgoddess Stariel and check them out! They are tough looking scout socks. Too bad I can't wear them at the moment. I have declared war to all things musquito since my feet and lower legs are covered in red itchy bites. Some have even swollen up to a hard disc with a diameter of 15 cm. I can't wear socks now. I hate musquito's.


On the knitting front, I have finished and given away a little dress for my friend's baby, but couldn't take a picture yet. Hope she'll wear it soon so I can have a picture on a model. I also finished Stariel's socks and I'm very happy about them. I love the pattern and the yarn.

maandag 20 augustus 2007

Getting Llow

There are just no words to describe how this weekend. I don't know where to begin.

The feeling is always so double sided the day after the festival. A part of me is glad to be home. That part contains only of physical agony (my poor lower back), the rest of me is homesick and wants to go back to the lovely place called Lowlands.

There was so much to see! Too much even. I couldn't possibly see everything I wanted either because of the programming or because of the fatigue in my legs. Anyway, in order of appearance:

Friday I saw Alamo Race Track, de Heideroosjes (weer ouderwets gezellig), Mad Caddies, Editors (I am now officially in love with the singer), Eagles of Death Metal, Air Traffic (AWSOME new band, go see them, go buy their cd), The killers (Very good show)

Saturday: The Riffles, Turbonegro, Saybia, Chris Cornell (he is the best singer in his genre in the whole wide world and the show he gave was perfect), Kaiser Chiefs (Awsome, just awsome)

Sunday: Alpha Blondy (The best reggea I ever saw), Funeral for a friend, the Shins, the Answer, The Pigeon Detectives (awsome new band, go see, go buy their cd), Nine Inch Nails, Sonic Youth (possibly the worst act on Lowlands), Motorhead (very very cool), LCD Soundsystem (surprisingly entertaining), Dinosaur jr. (sucked), Tool (a bit disappointing, not a great act to finish off the festival)

Another thing I love about Lowlands are the festivities after the bands. Usually great alternative music to which about 20.000 people dance to. On Friday there was a 'Best of Brittish' dj and he sucked big time. We went back to the tent at 1 in the morning (which is early). At the tent we drank a couple of beers and had a lot of fun just hanging out there untill early in the morning. It was cold, though, and I was glad that I took some woollen blankets from the car to wrap myself and my friends in. On Saturday the situations was considerably better. Great guitarrock in the Alpha tent. No matter how tired I was, I danced and danced and sang to familliar songs till the bitter end. Sunday I was all tired offcourse, but there's nothing good music can't cure. 'Grunge and Alternative' was food for my soul that night and gave me enough energy to go on for a little while. Walking back to camping 6 was a bit of a sinecure, though. My back was killing me, my feet were hurthing, my legs had problems going forward...

My weekend rocked. Oh, and I knitted a mini-sock in the Alpha tent (the biggest tent in Europe).

woensdag 15 augustus 2007

two more nights

I'm going to take some knitting with me to Lowlands. Knitting in Public in front of 55.000 people... just can't let that chance pass by.

Just two more nights.

zaterdag 11 augustus 2007

lowlands' just around the corner...

Just 6 nights and... Lowlands!!! I am so excited!

Lowlands is a three day alternative music festival with a lot of different kinds of music. Three days of going to great bands and feeding of the positive energy of 55.000 people. Squee! I've been going to lowlands for ehm 10 years now and every year the same feeling of exitement comes over me. I LOVE this festival.

I've been going to lowlands for a couple of years (nine) with a funny assembly of friends. We don't really see eachother on a regular basis but when whe're together we are having so much fun! We are all crazy!

So, what bands will I see this year: Tool, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, Editors, The Killers, Pigeon Detectives, Saybia, Klaxons, Eagles of death metal, funeral for a friend, Mad Caddies, Mika, Chris Cornell (Squee, squee, squee, squee) So freaking good. So amazing! I am so going to have a great time with great friends. Sigh. Only three days of feeling amazing, enough for a whole year.

woensdag 8 augustus 2007


Today I got home to find a lovely envelope with my sockapalooza socks and OMG they are great! They are made with Colinette Jitterbug in the green velvet colorway. Awsome. And the pattern is just beautifull. I wish it was winter allready so I can wear them!

The socks came all the way from Finnland. Eva made them for me and did a wonderfull job. Wish I could make pictures... but the camera is in the shop to get repaired. There will be pictures in 2 to 4 weeks.

On the health side, I lost my voice saturday and it's still gone. My throat is sore and itchy. Hope it won't take long to get back because I really want to be able to sing and chat at Lowlands next week. (just nine more nights)

vrijdag 3 augustus 2007

about a blog without photo's

I hate it that my camera is not working.

I would love to show you the little dress I'm making for the little girl of a friend of mine. It's going to be adorable. I hope it'll fit her. I've never made anything but a pair of socks for a child. I'm following Anouk's pattern from Knitty and I'm using Paris Yarn from Drops Garnstudio. It knits up like a cotton yarn - because it is a cotton yarn - so I hope it'll look better after a wash or two. The ball band says that I should wash the yarn at 60 degrees but that sounds a little hot. I know my friend will love the gift anyway.

Then I would love to show you the progress I made on my mystery stole and how I'll rip that progress out. I don't think that the color of the yarn is right for the pattern and there were a couple of VERY visable mistakes... First time lace, can't do it all the right way at once. Don't need to anyway.

Just two weeks left before Lowlands.. I wish it were today.