donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Echo Flowers

Many many moons ago I was hooked on Etsy and bought a lot of yarn. This is one of them:

chewy spaghetti bucatini

Brand: Chewy Spaghetti Bucatini (discontinued)
Colorway: Pragmatic
100% merino

Last year I created a little basket of sockyarn from the stash and put this skein in it too. Because the yarn is pretty thin, I didn't want to make socks out of it. So I wandered all year how to use this nice yarn wisely. One day I was surfing on ravelry and found it: The Echo Flower Shawl


zondag 3 oktober 2010


Slowly the leaves are turning golden, red and brown. The door to garden gets closed again. Outside it's getting colder, but inside it's still nice. I'm on the couch with a blanket, waiting for the coffee to get ready.

I've cast on a new pair of socks last week. You know, together with rain and wind Socktober has come. Time to grab some nice yarn for the mystery socks of 'Through the loops".

knitty rocks mystery sock clue1
Socks that rock light weight, colorway: Knitty Rocks

So far it's going great with two socks on one needle. I was a bit worried about getting the yarn getting tangled, but it's going allright. Friday the next clue is going to be released.