dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

An ode to handknit socks (and armwarmers)

So I was at the Lowlands festival this weekend. A weekend of great bands, lots of fun, booze and walking. Usually my feet, legs and back are killing me by Saturday and are only performing out of habit on Sunday. This year, for the first time, I only brought handknit socks to the festival and I am thrilled to say that I'm very happy I did. My feet were a bit warm in the daytime - but would have been so with regular socks as well - but they stayed warm overnight when the cold would set in. My feet were not tired, no blisters, no fungus (ugh). Perfect.

Another ode to knitting: the armwarmers I made last month were also very succesfull at the festival. It was quite chilly at night and they kept me nice and warm.

In other words: I was very happy with my knitting this Lowlands. Now, for some eyecandy, check out this pattern: Wisteria

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