zondag 28 september 2008

going on holiday

Tomorrow I get in the car and move to Berlin for a couple of days. Just chilling in the city, maybe finding a yarnstore, knitting a little in the car (it's 700 km, so I'll have some time to knit!)

The question arising every journey, long or short, is what shall I take with me to knit? I 'm not going for a trip around the world so one project should suffice... however...

I want/need to knit on Kiri. I have just finished ball nr. two. I've decided to just knit one more repeat of the pattern before starting on the border. It needs to be finished and blocked by October 10th...That's soon. But, it's not the kind of project to take with me and knit just everywhere. Especially when I'll start on the border and not have the pattern memorized any more. I need to focus on this project and I won't have that focus all the time. I'm taking Kiri with me and knit on it whenever I can.

Then I'll take H's shawl with me. It also needs to be finished before October 10th, but is very easy and I can knit on it everywhere.

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