zondag 28 september 2008

going on holiday

Tomorrow I get in the car and move to Berlin for a couple of days. Just chilling in the city, maybe finding a yarnstore, knitting a little in the car (it's 700 km, so I'll have some time to knit!)

The question arising every journey, long or short, is what shall I take with me to knit? I 'm not going for a trip around the world so one project should suffice... however...

I want/need to knit on Kiri. I have just finished ball nr. two. I've decided to just knit one more repeat of the pattern before starting on the border. It needs to be finished and blocked by October 10th...That's soon. But, it's not the kind of project to take with me and knit just everywhere. Especially when I'll start on the border and not have the pattern memorized any more. I need to focus on this project and I won't have that focus all the time. I'm taking Kiri with me and knit on it whenever I can.

Then I'll take H's shawl with me. It also needs to be finished before October 10th, but is very easy and I can knit on it everywhere.

maandag 22 september 2008


Knitting on this project seems to go slower and slower.


Rows are getting longer and longer... And I still have onewhole ball of yarn whilst the shawl allready looks so big. I must not let myself stop this one early. I must persist.


Nebbus appears to be getting bored with the project (too), but really, he's just tired after playing with it. I can't leave mohair on the couch unattended.

vrijdag 19 september 2008

Hello again

Oh dear, it's been way too long since my last post here. Shame on me. I've been a busy girl, as usual, but I was also struck by a sudden lack of inspiration to write. Did have enough inspiration to knit, though. Let's see what I've been upto in the last month...

I finished the first 'wedding shawl'
Used Zitron's fabulous yarn Gobi (5 skeins), 4,5 mm needles (knitpicks interchangeables... Ssssmoooth), and a nice simple pattern (Campus scarf scarf style. It was a fabulous simple knit, great for evenings with a glass of wine in front of the tv. The yarn, though, might be a little itchy. We'll see what the groom thinks of it.

Well, after finishing the first wedding shawl, I had to start number two instantly. After carefull deliberations I chose Lisa Souza's Sock! yarn, colorway Pacific and a pattern and started knitting... Pattern didn't feel right. Different pattern. No. Other kind of yarn... No. Ended up with the Lisa Souza yarn and the falling water lace pattern. Think I'm happy with it so far:
falling leaves

Then: a pair of Regia socks
Ton's sokken
Just quick and simple stockinette for a friend.

After these relatively routine jobs, I thought about starting a lace project. But then I remembered a scarf I started a while ago:
project kiri
and thought that this would be lovely to wear to a wedding... So I'm doing a couple of rows a day of this lovely pattern. The rows are getting bigger and bigger though. Don't seem to be making a lot of progress, but the skein of yarn tells me otherwise. I'm past halfway now. Not sure if I'm getting it done before the wedding, but still a nice project to work on and good to have it out of the UFO pile.

So, that's what I've been upto. Hope I'll get into the writing spirit again soon and will frequent this part of the blog rather sooner than later.