vrijdag 10 april 2009

Warning! Picture may blind you!

On the first nice day of the year I rarely take pictures of myself. I regularly have friends asking me to 'turn of the light'. My skin is really white and delicate, so I keep out of the sun a lot and use sunblock. I do get a sunny glow eventually, but it takes a whole summer to grow. Living in Holland doesn't really help either.

Odessa on the whitest girl alive

But, anyway, I finished Odessa and I've given it to the recipient. She's very happy with it and it fits her really well. Gives me a little comfort in times I don't think I can make anyone happy. I feel miserable and a failure, at times. Not allways, though. I'm working in my home a lot, lately. Trying to make it my place. I painted two closets (nightstands that don't fit in my bedroom) for the bathroom and I'm really happy with the result. Now, I'm painting my bed in a raspberry colorway.Contemplating on striking words to put on it. Maybe 'WTF?!


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Lies zei

't is een heel geslaagde muts! En troost je, het is nog niet ZO lang geleden dat dames altijd een zonnehoed moesten dragen omdat ze anders hun teint bedierven. :-)

knit1frog2 zei

yay odessa! You look great :)