zondag 18 maart 2012


I'm knitting my boyfriend a sweater. Well, not just a sweater, his first sweater. His wedding gift. He picked out the yarn, picked out a pattern and proposed to me. So, this sweater is kind of a big deal. I started in 2011 right after he proposed. First the sleaves and then the body. I chose to do the body in the round as I do not purl as fast as I knit. I totally love the aran pattern and after a while it really became zen knitting. So I was knitting along really nicely, untill I got to the point where I had used up 11 out of 16 balls and a significant piece to knit left. To ease my mind I visited the store where we got the yarn to get another ball of Rowan Scottish Tweed DK, but, and that's where the thriller commences: the yarn is discontinued. Time to do a math excersize. I measured that one ball can get me 2.5inches on the body. Total length of the body: 24 inches Lenght with 4 balls left: 14 inches Length per ball: 2.5 inches This should reassure me, since the rounds on the last 7.5 inches are shorter because of the arm decreases. I should have just enough yarn to complete. There's just one little problem: I weighed the balls. Two balls are just 43 grams, and two balls 50 grams. Sigh.