maandag 18 februari 2008

Dude, where did the weekend go?

Working full time has serious consequences for your e-life. I was meaning to post a little something this weekend, like a picture of the sock I completed in the awsome sunny sunday. Or, maybe show the two grungy skeins I dyed. You blink once and sunday eve has come and gone. You blink twice and it's monday evening, time to go to bed. A couple of minutes for the blog won't hurt me.


Stockinette sock 1 for my mom's best friend. This one flyes off the needles. I've allready passed heel turn two; just 20 cm's of stockinette to go. Piece of cake, I'll have them finished on Wednesday. And then I can proceed on BF's socks...

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astrid zei

herkenbaar! maar voor mij geldt het voor het hele weekend: dat vliegt voorbij. Jij bent in ieder geval lekker productief geweest