zaterdag 3 mei 2008

April's end

I must have had a finishing mood last week.


Started these months ago. They got delayed because they were and are destined to be put on my own two feet. Done at last on 2,25 mm needles, 60sts, a beautifull fit.

and then:


I found this pattern in a book I got at the supermarket 'Knuffels om the haken en te breien' and it really called to me. Simple and lovely. It actually ended up quite good. The seems are a bit sloppy, maybe, but who cares? I like it when people can see that I made something and perfect things can be bought in stores.

I also finished my grandmother's socks but didn't make a picture of them (yet). The colorway is really not my thing but hey, as long as my grandma likes it it's okay. See you soon. Internet is back on track again. New modem, new chances.

3 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Oh die knuffel is super schattig :)

Groetjes, Eva

astrid zei

good on you: finishing things. I am jealous.

Anoniem zei

Is that a little doll? How cute!