maandag 19 mei 2008

Scouts have more fun

You know, I have just the greatest life ever. I have so much great things to do, I'm part of a fabulous scouting community, have a great home, a nice joy, great co-workers and fabulous yarn around me. I'm just a little bit way too busy from time to time. I hardly get any knitting done. I do have some things to show, though.


The rowcounter was given to me by Darcy as a thank you for some sock yarn I had send her. She needed just a couple of yards to finish a pair and I had some lying around. Isn't that the nicest thing?

The yarn was purchased at Storm op Zolder. It's BFL laceweight. I dyed it myself. Don't know what I'll make with it. Maybe a nice pattern from Victorian Lace today?

I also started a little project for myself. Legwarmers.

The was purchased on Etsy about a year ago. I think the dyer was named VieuxRouet. It's 100% merino, so it's not really washable. Didn't think it would be good for socks but legwarmers don't need to be washed very often (not as much as socks). The first one's allmost done! I did get a lot done last weekend when my S'nB had a day out. We had a nice High Tea on a little 'poldereiland' and knitted and knitted and knitted.

Gotta go again. Hope to be back soon or sooner at least

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