zondag 21 december 2008


The nights have grown to their longest time, the days can not get shorter... The perfect time for dark thoughts... the worst time to break up. Yet I did. Right before Christmas my mind decided it was made up and needed to spill some guts on my relationship with hubby. We broke up.

kerstboom (a litte piece of Christmas spirit to distract feeling sorry for me. I made a mess and I will fix it)

Since there hasn't been a real fight or anything, we're still living together in our house till I've found a way to be able to pay for it myself. Fortunately, my parents will do their best to help me and I might just be able to afford it all.

Meanwhile, knitting to keep me sane:


Socks for my dad. Trekking XXL in a mossy shade from my stash pile. 2.25mm needles, my favourite size it seems and I've been knitting with a lot of tension lately. 68stitches. One is finished and fits like a glove. The other one will follow soon.

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Anoniem zei

Wow... sorry... dat is natuurlijk niet leuk. Ik wist zelfs niet dat je getrouwd was... Ik hoop dat het je lukt om je huis te houden en dat 2009 dan 'beter' voor je wordt!!!

Groetjes, Eva

astrid zei

acht, wat vreselijk voor jullie beiden Hopelijk gaat alles zoals jullie gepland hebben. Veel sterkte!

Lieke zei

Heel veel sterkte de komende tijd. Lekker breien, dat helpt inderdaad.