vrijdag 26 december 2008

The Plan

You know the feeling of having January around the corner and feeling that changes should be made and will be eventually. I'm going through the stash and I find lots of treasures there. Yarns that yearn to be put into something nice. Projects that have been in hibernation since... I don't know when. Old stash. New stash. I have enough lying around to keep me busy and to keep the house and my family warm until Christmas 2098.

I present to you: The basket for 2009


In order of appearance (upper left to bottom right);

Phildar Hobby, Meilenweit Mega Boot Stretch, Fortissima Socka, Trekking, Noro, Lang Jawoll, Fleece Artist, Dream in Color Smooshy, Aracunaio (?), Tiny Toes, All things Heather and Sunshine Yarns

These skeins WILL be turned into socks by the end of 2009 (or else!).

Thereby, there are 6 pairs of socks in my WIP/hybernation pile and they need to go. Not sure if I'll frog one or more - fast sollution - or finish them, but I want to end 2009 with no more than two socks in progress - maybe three :)These projects have been in progress for a bit too long:


Check out my ravelry page for more info, but I'm sure you'll hear more about these socks.

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