zondag 14 november 2010

Grandma would be proud

Hubby got some pretty socks out of Kureyon Sockyarn last year. They were a present for him when he moved in with me. I was pretty pleased with the way they turned out, Nice colorway, great fit. I knew the yarn is not as sturdy as Opal or Regia, so I took some black Regia for the heels and toes and I handwashed them. It wasn't enough for these socks to be as durable as other socks.


I had darned them before, but the ball of the foot was totally worn out. What to do now? Throw them away after sparsely a year of wear? And the legs and heel were fine, wouldn't it be a waste of work?

sok 2
So, I took a pair of scissors.

sok 3
And with some carefull picking up stitches again with some very bright and colorfull left-overs...

sok 4
I worked up new toes.

Grandma, darner extraordinair, would be proud.

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