vrijdag 4 februari 2011

Simple knitted bodice?

Way back in 2006 I was a new knitter with big plans. I went to a crafting market and bought Noro Silk Garden. It was like holding the holy grale of knitting. I'd never spend this much money on yarn - I did on a later date - and I spend a lot of time to pick out the right pattern. This was pre-ravelry, you know.

So, I picked up the pattern for the Simple Knitted Bodice and started knitting fall 2006.

What went wrong?

1. I didn't have the right needles. Well, I did have the right size, but they were cheap and not very comfortable. I struggled with stiff cables and too pointy needles.

2. I can't count. So I had to rip back several times because I didn't have the right number of stitches cast on.

3. I can't count. So I forgot to increase in the right places. Stitchmarkers helped a great deal after I realised I can't count.

4. I didn't pick the right size.

5. The sleeves were too flary for me, so I had to improvise and rip back. Improvise and rip back.

But, 5 years later, here she is:


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