vrijdag 6 juli 2007

I have a job!

I can hardly believe it myself but I managed to get a job today. It's only for four months to begin with, but still. A job.

Do you know what that means? I'll have 45 hours a week less knitting time than I have now! Sigh. I'll never get those socks and sweaters done. But I will have some money in the end... To celebrate I visited a yarnstore in Amsterdam, De Afstap, and bought some pretty things.

kid silk hazebamboo tape

On the left: 3 skeins of Kid Silk Haze to make the beautifull Kiri pattern. This yarn is so pretty and soft! I hope to get working on this shawl after the mystery stole (Clue one is all finished up, clue 2 is just out!). On the right Rowan Bamboo Tape. Very nice and soft. I'm really curious as to how this yarn will knit up I got the Tori (below) pattern with it and I think I'll make it. It looks really pretty.

5 opmerkingen:

Stariel zei

Ooo! Congrats on getting a job. :)

And you started my socks too? I haven't started yours yet, but I have picked out the yarn and wound it.

Jen zei

I picked up some Bamboo Tape from Ribbels recently. I'm knitting the Ogee Skirt from the current issue of Interweave Knits. It's strange to knit with, but I like it. I like enough to pick up the book as well. ;)

odette zei

Gefeliciteerd met je baan....nu niet al je verdiensten uit gaan geven aan nieuwe wolletjes, of was nu juist je bedoeling.?.?.?.?

Adrienne zei

Congrats and that yarn is BEAUTIFUL!

tania zei

congrats on the job!! I looooooove the cracksilk in Trance...did you see I have 10 skeins in my stash-O? ;)