dinsdag 31 juli 2007

tyred and bored

I think I've recouperated from my Swedish adventure, just not sure if I'll ever get used to a life working full time. Ugh. Getting up each morning at 7, doing the same louzy job each day, the cash on my bank account is whispering yarny thoughts to me... No, I need to save some for the Lowlands festival that's going to be in less than three weeks.

On the knitting front I've made little progress on any of my existing projects. I did start knitty's 'branching out' shawl with some lovely silk/merino. Since my camera is broken and in repair I can't take any pictures. Ugh. I want to knit more.

I allmost did something stupid last weekend. Not anything knitting related. Real life stupid and I can't seem to get it out of my mind. I can't discuss it here and I can't see how I got myself into this situation. Drinking is not good for me.

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Meike zei

Ooh - I just finished a branching out. It's such a nice pattern. I can't post a picture of it yet though, because it's a gift. Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!