zaterdag 28 juli 2007

I'm back!

After the two weeks I had with 15 scouts in Sweden I can only say that I survived and I won't ever do it again. We were at a Jamboree where I felt like I was doing slave labour. Up from 6.30 in the morning till 1 in the night. Running around for the kids, trying to motivate them to participate in the boring programme with too much reflection time. I've had just about an hour to myself over the whole week to write an e-mail to my parents and take a shower. Yes, that is one shower in a week of surprisingly good weather. And when you think you've had it all... home sickness. Three kids that were crying all the time. I did not feel the Jiingi spirit.

I had very little time to knit, except for during the boring obligatory ceremonies and shows. They were in Swedish so the 2000 international guests could not follow anything that was said. I'm so pissed off about that. We travelled for 20 hours on a freaking bus to get ignored by the organisation. Thereby, everything that was translated in English at the activities was so poorly translated that I could point out the errors in the translation. They surely didn't have a native speaker to check their translations and to make the texts understandable for kids that are not native speakers. I did have some fun though and the kids were happy most of the time. I need to hang on to those feelings and get rid of the irritation. Here are some happy knitting pictures.

Me knitting during the closing ceremony which wasn't all bad. The Swedish king made a great speech, partly in English for the international guests. That was great. The music wasn't bad either.
jiingi knitting 5

Me knitting in the train to Stockholm.
stockholm knitting 6

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