zaterdag 25 augustus 2007

got my camera again!

You know how some weeks can just pass without really know it? This week was one of them. But I got my camera back and that makes me very happy.

Got my camera back from the shop and have some stuff to show you! First of all my sockapalooza socks. Aren't they beautiful? The color is so rich and the pattern is lovely. Thanks again, Sockapalooza pal!

I also have another exchange pair to show. This pair was knitted by the infamous sockgoddess Stariel and check them out! They are tough looking scout socks. Too bad I can't wear them at the moment. I have declared war to all things musquito since my feet and lower legs are covered in red itchy bites. Some have even swollen up to a hard disc with a diameter of 15 cm. I can't wear socks now. I hate musquito's.


On the knitting front, I have finished and given away a little dress for my friend's baby, but couldn't take a picture yet. Hope she'll wear it soon so I can have a picture on a model. I also finished Stariel's socks and I'm very happy about them. I love the pattern and the yarn.

3 opmerkingen:

Eva zei

Hoi, je sokken zijn gorgeous :) Volgens mij is de beet die een harde schijf van 15 cm doormeter achtergelaten heeft niet van een mug maar een daas Als kind ben ik daar ook eens door gebeten. En als het geen daas was dan zou het kunnen dat je allergisch bent geworden aan muggebeten. Als ik meer dan 20 beten heb (dus, als ik in Belgiƫ of Nederland ben geweest :)) neem ik een antihistamine en dan gaat de jeuk heel snel voorbij...
Groetjes, Eva

Lynn zei


I saw your entry in the summer sock photo contest. I love it. I voted for you too. I am a Boy Scout leader in Overland Park, KS (USA) and I make Boy Scout socks. I was wondering if I could share your photo with my troop? They need to see that I am not the only knitting scout leader.

You can e-mail me at lynnhaffner at

Thank you,


Stariel zei

Oh, so glad you got the socks and they fit well. And I love your artsy modeled photo! May I adopt it for my Ravelry photo?