zaterdag 11 augustus 2007

lowlands' just around the corner...

Just 6 nights and... Lowlands!!! I am so excited!

Lowlands is a three day alternative music festival with a lot of different kinds of music. Three days of going to great bands and feeding of the positive energy of 55.000 people. Squee! I've been going to lowlands for ehm 10 years now and every year the same feeling of exitement comes over me. I LOVE this festival.

I've been going to lowlands for a couple of years (nine) with a funny assembly of friends. We don't really see eachother on a regular basis but when whe're together we are having so much fun! We are all crazy!

So, what bands will I see this year: Tool, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, Editors, The Killers, Pigeon Detectives, Saybia, Klaxons, Eagles of death metal, funeral for a friend, Mad Caddies, Mika, Chris Cornell (Squee, squee, squee, squee) So freaking good. So amazing! I am so going to have a great time with great friends. Sigh. Only three days of feeling amazing, enough for a whole year.

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Stariel zei

I'm so jealous! I saw Tool when they were here a few weeks ago. :)