zondag 7 oktober 2007

A sad tale

A while ago I participated in a nice knittyboard swap. I got some great socks from Stariel. Remember the socks in Lorna's Laces Camouflage colorway? I chose a love yarn for her socks, one that Stariel herself did not have in her stash and I knit her some nice socks. (It's merino-cashmere from The knittery in moonlight)

stariel's lost socks

About 5-6 weeks ago I asked my hubby to take the package with the socks and two sets of yarn from the natural dye studio to the postoffice and I was patiently stalking Stariel's blog... Nothing.

Last week the package arrived, finally, but no socks were to be found and one of the sets of yarn was gone. So unfair. This never happened to me before and it has seriously damaged my faith in the postal system. :(

4 opmerkingen:

Stariel zei

Oh no, and look how gorgeous the socks are too! :(

Becca zei

I bet there is some postal worker walking around in your lovely socks right now. Grrrr.

turtlegirl76 zei

You have GOT to be kidding me! Oh my God. This scares me. How terrible!

midgeling zei

I am so sorry! That's so awful. I really hope you have better luck in the future. I have known people to put labels on packages saying things like "Please don't take these, they are a birthday gift." and things like that hoping that the workers have a conscience and leave the packages alone. Sad. The socks were beautiful.