vrijdag 5 oktober 2007

they like me, they really like me

I kind of feel like "Yabbadabba doo!!!" I am a good person and good things happen to good people. This is my break, my luck, my moment to grab. Regardless what will be the outcome of next Tuesday's negotiations between employer and future employer - I hope - I feel great.

This is the situation I'm in. I'm working for this agency at a city's archive together with another girl. We're preparing a FREAKING load of old files for scanning and it is BORING. The only thing making this project worth taking it to the finishing line is the possibility of getting a great job.

You remember me buying yarn not so long ago because I was feeling awfull about a job I wouldn't get? They want someone with the right diploma's (I just started my training) and some experience. My co-worker does have the papers they need and would actually be the perfect candidate if only... she would be me. I'm getting the job if the negotiations will be good. They want me! And you know why? Because I'm a weirdo. Because I have given them the impression that I have the potential of making this job my own. Because they like me.

I'm crying now and I'm going to sleep, happy. But what to tell my co-worker?

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Anoniem zei

I wouldn't say anything to the coworker... it is not your place to do so. I think if you would say something you would come across like a 10-year old sticking out her tongue going 'nehnehneh' :) It is up to the bosses to tell her she's not been chosen.
I'll wait with my congarats until you've got the job :)

Cheers Eva

Anoniem zei

Gefeliciteerd! inderdaad wel naar voor die collega, maar je bent niet voor niets gekozen, toch?
(beetje gelukkig met je mee, want ook een nieuwe baan!)