dinsdag 13 januari 2009

The hands of...

manos blue 2

Way back when I got a couple of skeins of Manos del Uruguay 100% wool. I made a hat for a good friend and a scarf for my brothers girlfriend, but forgot about the other three skeins in my stash.A blue/green, red and red/yellow/green skein marinated in my stash for a while untill last sunday when I got the idea of making my co-worker a hat. So I got knitting. Gauge? Dude, I don't do gauge... Needles to say that this hat is too small for a normal grown up - my head's pretty small and it's pretty tight on me.

So I'm making another one with more stitches (88 instead of 72) and in a different colorway. I just love working with this yarn so it doesn't feel like punishment at all. And this one? I might just keep it or give it to a child.

Note to self: don't buy any new manos till you've used it all up....

In other knitting news, I frogged one sock in progress because it was going to be too big even for a man with size 12 feet so I'll have to think about this yarn. I did cast-on another pair for another man with big feet. I grabbed the Noro Kureyon from the basket and got started. Not sure how I like it... but I'll get to that topic next time.

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