zondag 18 januari 2009

Maybe just not meant to be...


Looks nice, doesn't it? This sock has been testing my nerves last week. I made some poor choices and the pattern hasn't worked in my favour either. Let's see what's been going wrong...

I started out really good. This sock was not cast on lightly. I did quite some background research on the yarn on ravelry and on blogs. Some people say it's a little rough on the hands, but it will soften up after washing. The yarn is sticky and has little bounce. All not great qualities for a high priced sock yarn, but the colors... And I'm in love with the rural luke of the yarn. So, I bougth a couple of skeins and this one got into 'the basket of 2009'.

Bad choice one:
Casting on the wrong number of stitches - gauge, eh - and trying to frog when you've just knit 15 rounds using elastic thread.

Bad choice two:
Using elastic thread. Eventhough it's called 'mee-brei-elastiek' it is not made to knit with. It's a pain. It WILL make me cry.

Bad choice three:
Casting on too many stitches for the second time - dude, was I drinking? - and finding out after knitting for about an inch. I'm not going to frog.

Good choice one: to make up for the extra stitches add a cable between the two rings.

Bad choice four:
Loose the pattern

Good choice two:
Make up my own pattern based on the Spey Valley pattern I had in mind.

Let's knit.

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jeetje, balen is dat. Maar welk garen is het eigenlijk, het ziet er wel prachtig uit.