zondag 25 januari 2009

Still knitting. Don't have loads of time, but every now and then I steel a couple of minutes to pick up my knitting. I've got the leg done of the sock I showed last time I blogged. I'm really not sure about the yarn, Noro Kureyon Sock. It doesn't have a lot of bounce and I think it isn't really though enoug for the wear socks get. Thus I picked some black Regia from my stash for the heels and toes. Doesn't even look that bad.

In the meantime, I just cast on for a pair of worsted weight socks. Just for the thrill of a fast finish and for the friend in need that desperately needs love, care and attention despite being a grown-up and father of three boys. Everybody needs love, needs to feel loved. Everyone needs warm socks.

In other things in life, my pretty little oldtimer had some problems lately... There was quite a bit of rust in the tank so my engine stopped was not really reliable lately so dad took the petrol tank off and cleaned it...


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odette zei

Hopelijk blijft je autootje het nu weer lekker goed doen.Wat een berg met roest, je kan gelijk 2 x zoveel tanken.
Het spijt me voor je dat het niet lekker gaat met je relatie.