maandag 30 maart 2009

No Internet..

Arg. Bareuh.

Since dear ex-hubby has left the building saturday a week ago I've been cut off from internet at home. A month ago I contacted Ziggo to get a new account on my name. They told me that I was going to get a thingie in two weeks and all would be great.


The next best estimation is that Ziggo will have the thingies again in two weeks. So I'm cut off from civilisation for another two weeks. Argh. In the mean time I'm painting two little closets for the bathroom (GREEN) and my new old bed (raspberry), I'm planning to start working on the stairs (apple green) and the livingroom. Not much on the knitting front, but a lot gets done around the house :)\

Ex-hubby also took the camera (but I got the WII)...

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José zei

Wel leeg natuurlijk, zonder ex-h., maar aan de andere kant maak je de indruk dat je er nu wel meteen je eigen draai aan gaat geven. Hoe dan ook: sterkte! En veel plezier met je eigen kleuren (en de Wii).