zondag 14 juni 2009

a brighter note

After a couple of busy days, I have a promiss to keep. I'd like to give some yarn away.

Regia 4-fädig Nordic Color nr. 5510. Bought it with my dad in my mind years ago (ahum) and forgot all about it. My dad likes blue better.

These two balls were purchased on Etsy. They are of a brand called Mystical Creations Yarns, colorway Golden Sierra. I've tried many differfent kinds of socks, but they were not meant to be my socks. Maybe you could make a nice shawl out of them?

Leave a comment and tell me which one you'd like. I'll draw a winner on... next Tuesday

2 opmerkingen:

turtlegirl76 zei

Um...MCY? You are aware of the drama surrounding that yarn right? You might want to test that yarn for colorfastness before you give it away.

LizzieK8 zei

I like the Regia....