donderdag 11 juni 2009


I had my birthday Tuesday. Couldn't blog about it untill now - too much to do, too little time - but it wasn't really something to brag about either. On the one hand my friends - the ones who actually showed up - were great. Didn't get a yarny gift, but hey, I have plenty-o-yarn at home.

On the other hand - or other side of the room - my mother sat moping and groping, ignoring a particular person in the room. The one I've been sleeping with. The one with three (lovely) kids. The one with the divorce. The one who's 12 years older.

My mother was a 10 year old Tuesday. I can't really blame her for her behavior, but I do blame her for the burden she has put on my shoulders. I can't make her happy.

Tomorrow a more cheerfull post and a yarn giveaway....

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