zaterdag 6 juni 2009

Nice things



- Noro Kureyon Sock yarn and Regia Solid Black
- Spey Valley by Nancy Bush (but with a twist cause I casted on too many stitches for the third time)
- 2.00 mm needles
- 72 stitches for size EU 44 feet

The start of this project was a bit of a pain ( check this post) but was soon forgotten. It took a while to finish these socks - there were many time-limited-projects in between - but since there's no rush to finish them I took my time.

The Yarn
The reviews I read on ravelry rave about the colors of this yarn and I agree. The shifting colors are so well picked and put in a sequence. And the rural look is something that appeals to me. I hope these socks will last long, eventhough there are uneven spun parts and it doesn't seem very strong (you can pull it appart without using a lot off force). I can recommend 2mm needles. Making these socks took some persistance as the yarn is rough on the hands (but really softens up after washing!) and has little give. Hope that the ribbed pattern will keep the socks up nicely. Tried elastic thread on the cuff but I HATE KNITTING WITH ELASTIC THREAD.

The Needles
Knitpicks metal needles.... a dream for this yarn! Smooth, but not slippery. Good hold, but bendy however. I squeeze needles.

The Pattern
I just used half of the pattern and it was okay. I do tend to be cautious with the sizing of Nancy Bushes socks. Either her models have big legs, or mine are thin. They are usually too big for me so I choose a smaller needle size.

These socks will be given on a special, very special occasion. They have a lot of love in them and I know that the recepient knows their significance.

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