zondag 2 september 2007

You finish some, you start some

After finishing three pairs of socks my needles have been impatiently waiting for new projects. Three new projects as I have three more birthdays in October.

* Stockinette todler socks for the little girl next door. Mama-e's sweet sock yarn is going to be perfect for these socks. It's soft and the pink-green-white combination should be great for the little girl. I should have them finished by October 13.

* Mom loves pretty things made with care and lots of time. After carefull deliberation I'm going to sacrifice a skein of Sunshine yarn to make her the Waving Lace socks from Interweave's Favourite Socks. Hope that mum will be pleased and I'll finish them in time. They should be finished before October 17.

* Father In Law. He really wants handknit socks like his mother used to make him socks. Simple yarn, simple pattern, size 11. I made BF choose the color from a couple of manly skeins I had in my stash and he chose a skein of Trekking XXl Pro Natura Antraciet. A really nice dark and soft yarn. It's a great pleaure to work with, even if the pattern is simple and the color is dark. I think I'll get some more the next time I order from Wolhalla. These socks should be finished before October 29.

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