zaterdag 5 januari 2008

There's that

'Why don't you make me a hat?' He asked. 'You've made one for some friends but not for me, your dear dear boyfriend.' Puppy eyes. Forgot that way back when he got a hat and lost it. He promissed to be really carefull with this one.

Pattern: Coronet from Knitty With some random adjustments for the size of J's head and the yarn I've been using.
Yarn: Silke-Alpaca from Drops Design, two skeins of 60 meters
4mm needles

I really like this pattern. It's easy to make it just the size you want it to be without making a gauge swatch because you first knit a flat border and then pick up stitches for the body of the hat. If I'd knit it again, I'd probably make the border a bit wider.

The yarn was really nice to work with and is just fabulous to wear. It's so soft!

4 opmerkingen:

Breimuis Line zei

The new hat looks really good. I hope I will keep his promise in mind

Tijm zei

Wat een prachtige muts!! Mooie kleur en zit perfect.Mooie foto ook zeg.

yvonnep zei

En nou maar hopen dattie 'm niet weer verliest...hoewel, soms kan je er niets aan doen. En geeft het jou de gelegenheid er lekker nog een te breien. Ziet er uit als een topmuts.

odette zei

Mooie muts en hij staat JOU ook erg leuk!!!!!