zondag 20 januari 2008

Wanna go to the seaside?

I think I can say that I make a lot of nice things. Most of them I give away as presents, knowing that the recipient appreciates a handmade gift. And so this one will go to a worthy home.


My godmother loves handmade stuff. She's very creative herself; painting, working with leaves and flowers and stems. I had to make her something extra special. I found this pattern on Ravelry. It's pretty easy yet it looks complicated (isn't that just the greatest thing?).

The yarn... I dyed up this skein of twined wool last spring and fell in love with the colors. I didn't intend to dye with this yarn that instant, but I had some dye left and well, I just tossed it in. It took up the dye in a totally different way than the other skeins I had dyed. Perfect for this job.

The needles... I love the knitpicks interchangeables I got. They are smooth, pointy and the cables are flexible. I used 5mm needles and the smallest cable and it was like waking up on holliday.

Now, back to the socks. I haven't finished the Kaffe Fasset ones yet. I'm knitting on two pairs of wedding socks that need to be finshed by februari 6th. I'll probably finish them on Februari 5th, 2 o'clock in the morning.

4 opmerkingen:

turtlegirl76 zei

The scarf is very pretty! Good luck getting the socks done in time!

odette zei

Zeker een leuke sjaal geworden. Daar was ze vast wel blij mee.

Monique zei

Oh, jij hebt er een gemaakt! Hij is prachtig. Ik zit al tijden te kijken naar die sjaal op ravelry, maar nog nooit er aan toegekomen.
Hartstikke mooi!

monica zei

Your scarf is beautiful, and the color shows the pattern so well.