dinsdag 29 januari 2008


Since I like to have things planned - OCD-thing-, I thought it would be nice to make a schedule for the socks I have planned. I 've been planning a lot of socks lately.

- Pair for grandma (need to measure her feet because they are huge!)in Lorna's Laces sport, Watercolour, needs to be done as soon as possible

- Pair in stockinette for DF in Regia, Kaffe Fasset blue-ish, need to be done by the end of March.

- Pair of Kilt-hoses for DF in natural white Fortissima Socka. Need to be done by April 1st (Men size 12)

- Pair of socks for DF in ... Opal Tiger? Whatever I have in my hands. Need to be done in march.

- Pair of socks for BF in Cherry Tree Hill brown. Need to be done at the beginning of March.

- A table-cloth for my MIL to be done in may...

Dude, I foresee a lot of stockinette in my near future. I'm a gift junky.

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astrid zei

lekker gestructureerd! Zolang je het maar niet als verplichting ziet: het blijft toch wel ontspanning he?