vrijdag 1 mei 2009

I've had some busy days, eventhough I had a week off from work. I finished the applegreen stairs (though I still need to do the white sideboards. Ugh. Not yet. Please) Then I packed my bags and went off for a lovely week in Enschede, the city where my brother lives. I had a great time, knit a little, fell from a bycicle, hurt my wrist, but I'm okay now.

I knit some, frog some and cast some on. Clearly I had a case of startitis again - or I could just be not-finishing things. Last week I casted on two pairs of socks (both gifts form men), but finished nothing. So I have six pairs of socks on the needles, two sweaters (or UFO's) for me and one pair of fingerless gloves.

I really should finish like 3 pairs of socks and a sweater before I should even begin to dream my next project. But alas, too late, I've allready started thinking about..... (Ravelry links) Autumn rose pullover and Inishmore.


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astrid zei

dat is herkenbaar! Omdat ik ook de neiging heb om veeeel te beginnen en weinig af te maken, heb ik mezelf grenzen opgelegd: 1 groot project en 2 kleine.