donderdag 7 mei 2009

Indulge, a little

Knitting as fast as I can, but really, making no progress at all, it seems.

Trekking XXL Ombre, 2mm, size EU43

Second sock is 35% done. Love knitting with this yarn and this colorway (discontinued, unfortunately) is just perfect for men.

I'm also working on another pair of men socks EU46. Huge, but on big needles. Allmost done. In the end things do get done:)

Some of the seeming non-progress has something to do with me going to Amsterdam to visit The Afstap for the new book of Kim Hardgreaves. I saw it visiting a friend and just had to get it. Breeze Or check out ravelry.

I also went to Eggmercantile, the cutest little store in Amsterdam. They have all kinds of really nice, funny and beautifull stuff and... Manos del Uruguay.

I got the silk blend (left) in Winterberry. Really expensive, but mine. All mine!

And I got a skein of regular Manos in a beautifull dark brown and black blend. One skein is enough for a hat. This skein will make a really nice gift one day.

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