zondag 16 december 2007


So much knitting news, so little time. Where shall I start? Lets start with the knitting progress I've made, 'cause I've made a lot of it.
Pattern: Coronet with some adjustments for the particular yarn I chose
Yarn: Katia Nepal 5007 (?), about 65 grams
Needles 8mm

The hat is a little tight, but in my experience, hats tend to stretch after a couple of wears. Wednesday night I was really tired and well, my brain just jumped from one thing to another. I figured I could make a hat for my friend P. who's having his birthday last friday. I guess I was right.

Another showcase of my ADD lately. Four completed first socks. The second ones are all in various stages of completion. The second kid sock in DK Merino, is allmost finished. It will probably be done tonight, especially since I have the magic loop thing under controle. The second raspberry kneehigh, on the other hand, is barely even started.

Other news: I got some Yarn yesterday, but I'm not showing yet for I have no more time... Well, I'll have something to talk about this week.

2 opmerkingen:

Line zei

Wat leuk die verschillende sokken maar wat een dilema 4x SSS. Ik hoop dat het spoedig paartjes worden want ze zien er veelbelovend uit

dagmar zei

de muts is goed!! de kleur, de maat, staat je echt heel goed.