zondag 2 december 2007

the mad hatter

Pair nr. 24


They are small, but they are a pair and will look so cute on a little baby. They only took like 15 grams of yarn.

Now another project I've been contemplating: Coronet


This Silke-Alpaca from Drops is just to die for. Www.hobbydoos.nl has it on sale... and I'm longing for another order. A blanket with this stuff would be soooo nice. BF will be happy with his hat. It's going to be knit quite tight around his ears so he won't loose it.

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triconette zei

cute little socks!

Anoniem zei

I make little socks like that for all my friends having new babies. They just adore them, and for me they are so much fun to do too. They are really pretty.

I guess it's been a while since I visited last. I still had your old blog in my blogroll, but I fixed it now, so anyone hopping to here from my blog will get the right one. I will try to visit more often now. LOL

Don't you just love working with Alpaca. I don't think you can lose using that wonderful yarn. My son gave me some for my birthday, and now I have two pair of sport weight Alpaca socks, and they are the yummiest ever!

Take care. :)