dinsdag 25 december 2007

Smells like...

I was at my parents' place last weekend and my mother, who's cleaning out the cluttered house of a 50-something creative person (herself), dumped a bag of "all sorts of old but perhaps still useable craft stuff". At the bottom of the bag there was a little treasure, but it sure smelled like... my parents' attick. Ugh.

So I washed it and treated it with some hair conditioner. A real treasure from the 70's or 80's emerged. What shall I make of it? Surely I could just make a scarf. Great colors, a little scratchy maybe... Or maybe pillow covers for my father's old campervan from the 70's. I just love fantasizing about all the possibilities of a yarn, a color, a texture. The girls of the Stash and Burn podcast (fabulous podcast!) talk about their fantasy knitting life. About the things they would like to make, or fantasize about making. It's not good for the stash, since it appears to be growing faster ;)

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