zondag 23 december 2007

Geen sinecure (No sinecure?)

It was no piece of cake. I've had my share of humps on the way, but I've finished them! I master the waving lace socks. I've had to rip and knit no less than three times because silly old me didn't pay enough attention and forgot one or more pattern repeats...

waving lace
Yarn: Lorna's laces in Cool (about 1.6 skeins)
Pattern: Waving Lace from IK favourite socks book

They look awsome and even better on feet. My SIL's feet are really slim (as slim as the rest of my 45 kilo's SIL) so these slim socks are going to be just perfect for her.

And this is pair.... 27 ! (Sorry, no pics of 26. Forgot to take them and they are allready given to their recepient)I'm past the half way point!

1 opmerking:

Monique zei

De wol is prachtig! vooral op het effen stuk met de zweem van groen komt goed uit!
Het patroon is ook mooi, en hard werken dus.
Hoeveel paar ga je eigenlijk maken, of is dat niet een uitgangspunt?