woensdag 12 december 2007

I've been a bad bad girl

I must confess to something... But first things first. Sundag was just awsome. Carla M and Hilly really gave a splendid workshop. I learned how to cast on for a moebius scarf and a couple of interesting ways of casting on for socks and mittens. I had to rip out the moebius though. Dropped some stitches and could not repair the damage. Have to start again soon (and maybe with some not so sticky yarn). I casted on for a pair of kid's socks on the way home. Toe-up! I also bought a couple of really nice balls of rowan Tapestry in a blue colorway to good to be true. Perfect for a shawl for my mom.

Then, some other damage I have to confess to. I placed some yarny orders and I'm waiting anxiously to get them. First of all, there's an order from Storm op Zolder coming my way with some awsome new needles... Shall I tell? I ordered knit picks interchangeable needles and harmony double points! So exiting!

As if that wasn't enough... I also placed an order at Tommies Wol for some interesting yarn. You'll just have to wait and see what I've ordered. They'll be pretty, though :)

Next time I hope to have some photo's of knits in progress and new stash.

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Lieke zei

ooohhh, knit picks options. Ik ben jaloers!

triconette zei

lucky you! yvonnep