dinsdag 18 december 2007

I wish...

... I could knit faster. I'm working on the foot of the second Waving Lace sock I'm making for my Second SIL and I just don't seem to make any progress at all. Just 1.5 more pattern repeats before I can start on the toe. And after finishing this second toe... I can start a new sock on my new Knitpicks needles! Yeah, they're here!

I have to focus and finish the Waving laces.

Now, Pron


This is one of the Rowan Tapestry skeins I bought last week. The colors are just amazing! Dark blue, light blue and a hint of beige. Just perfect.

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Anoniem zei

Yummie Yarn!

Jacqueline / fiddletwiddleneedlework.web-log.nl

Monique zei

Indeed Pron! It must feel as great as it looks! You'll make it through winter, alright.
Do you only knit socks?