vrijdag 15 juni 2007

about weird goodbyes and things to look forward to

Last weekend my brother told us and his girlfriend that he was not sure about his relationship with her any more. He's not sure if he wants to stay together or break up. They are talking today about what's on his mind. I'm not meddling. I'm not going to call and ask how things are going. I'm not going to interfere...

It's really hard though.

Last thursday, me and my parents went to a concert of her Orchestra (she plays the violin and is the concertmaster) and we realized that that might be the last time we'd see each other. And we said the weirdest goodbye after the beautifull concert with phrases like 'Hey, hope to see you again, soon.' I hope we will since she has become part of our family in the past four years.

To look forward to (for links, go to side-bar):

* Summer of socks: from july to september 21st knitting socks to prepare us for wintertime. There will be all kinds of contests and picture sharing and you know, I just really like making socks.

* Mystery lace stole 3: Lace is something relatively new to me. I made the Cherry leaf scarf with my Magic Ball yarn a while back and I'm still very happy with it, but now it's time for some real itty bitty lace weight yarn on big needles. I will need to get used to the difference in tightness of the fabric since socks are so much tighter. The KAL works as follows: every so often you get a clue to knit a part of a stole. You just knit every part and end up with a nice shawl you haven't seen up front. I'm really curious how this will end up! I've never worked with laceweight yarn before and I've ordered some very pretty Zephyr wool/silk laceweight yarn. I hope it'll be here soon so I can do some swatches! This circus will start June 29th.

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tania zei

Oooh Zephyr! I can't wait to see how this knits up! :)