vrijdag 22 juni 2007

fiddle fiddle fiddle Toe!

So, I thought it would be nice to try something new since The Summer of Socks has started yesterday. So I picked up some needles and the Magic Ball yarn and fiddled with Knitty's tutorial and here it is:

A toe!!!

I'm going to (try to) knit Elfine's socks by Anna Bell . I think the beautifull yarn (José?) and the pattern complement each other perfectly.

Now, to harder choices. I need to chose one of these two colors for the mystery stole that starts next week:

zephyr wool-silk

The one on the left is called bottle green, the one on the right is called basil. Aren't they awsome? How can I ever chose which color I'll use? (Hint: help me!)And the yarn is soooooo soft and shiny! It's too good to be true.

Another thing that's too good to be true: wool-silk stookhok

I ordered some of the awsome undyed sockyarn at 'Het Stookhok' and this silk/wool blend as well. It is awsome and feels just like Lorna's Laces' Lion and Lamb. I'm such a lucky girl!

4 opmerkingen:

Adrienne zei

Those colors are very pretty!

Trillian42 zei

Socky toe!!

Hmm... I'd lean toward the Basil for the shawl, myself. Both are pretty,though!

Lizet zei

Guess what I just started: Elfine's socks! Really. I only use a different yarn, a handdyed Opal and do two socks at the same time. The pattern is so nice.

Anoniem zei

wat een geweldig patroon heb je gekozen voor het garen. ik hoop dat het een beetje bevalt.

je nog steeds geheime magische sokkenmaatje