dinsdag 12 juni 2007

pretty pleased

Oh Regia, Regia, Regia... It retaills for about 6 euro's per 100 grams (at least one pair of socks) and I seriously think this is the best of the'work horse'-sock yarns. It is relatively soft - especially compared to Opal and Fortissima - , the colors are saturated - especially compared to Meilenweit-, it is not splitty at all so I can knit with my eyes closed and according to my dad it wears, washes and dries well. Seriously, this yarn is just perfect if you want to knit not-so-expensive socks. I'm having a great time with the crazy color pink, red, orange, purple, grey socks for SIL which is a good thing since I am allowing myself to finish other SIL's socks in the lovely Lorna's Laces after I finish one of the Regia socks.

Here it is: crazy colors 1

I might write this pattern down if you'd like it. It's actually a lot like the Anastasia socks but then top-down and with only one 4 spirals of eyelets. Really easy and fast (just 60 stitches on 2,5mm needles with a gauge of 8SPI) but still entertaining enough to make a second (I think) and good for self-patterning yarn.

To conclude today a little picture of that kitty.
that kitty again

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tania zei

I for one, would *love* the pattern, you did a wonderful job! What colourway of Regia is that? It's awesome! :)