woensdag 6 juni 2007

Manos del Uruguay

So the little picture worked as an incentive... Astrid and Tijm, I'm making a hat from the book One skein wonders. The pattern is actually available online here. The yarn is Manos del Uruguay. You might have heard about this yarn because there's a famous scarf pattern called 'my so called scarf' that uses this yarn. The yarn is awsome to work with. Soft, warm, in beautifull colors and the people who spin and dye this yarn (in Uruguay) make a decent living. It is rather expense though. 10 Euro's for a skein... totally worth it. And if you're just doing a hat or a scarf, you'd only need one or two skeins. If you're interested in getting manos yarn, there's this cute store in Amsterdam called Eggmercantile that sells some colorways and cute other stuff. It's near De Afstap in Amsterdam. If you're in Amsterdam, be sure to pay them a visit.

Now, the newest additions to my stash:
fleece artist
I am so addicted to Fleece Artist. This colorways are Mermaids and Blackberry and they are both SO pretty! I haven't knit anything with Fleece Artist yet. I'm just petting their skeins.

I went to Finlandia in Bergen (Noord-Holland) yesterday to check out that store. There aren't many good yarnstores in Holland and my friends at the SnB said this is a nice store with a great variety of yarns. And they were right. They have great collection of all kinds of yarns from Finland and England. A lot of laceweight too. I broke down and bought four skeins of Drops Alpaca to make a lace shawl from Victorian Lace Today. It is so soft... and the colour is just the right kind of green for me.

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Oeh, de Alpaca is ook erg mooi! Welk patroon uit VLT wil je er mee maken?